Imagine: A World With
Control Over Chronic
Respiratory Disease

4 million people die prematurely from
chronic respiratory disease each year1.
We develop solutions that empower
patients to take charge of their
respiratory health and more.

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A.I. powered wearable stethoscope recording and analyzing lung sounds to detect early signs of chronic respiratory disease exacerbation remotely.

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Smart wearable for kids tracking their respiratory rate and heart rate through the night

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Chronic Respiratory Disease is Pervasive and Costly


Asthma is a disease
causing airways to
become inflamed and
narrow. It is the most
common chronic
condition among


  • in the world
    affected by Asthma2.


  • spent per patient in the
    USA due to Asthma3.


  • deaths per day
    due to Asthma1.


  • of children suffer
    from Asthma globally1.


Chronic Obstructive
Pulmonary Disease
(COPD) is a group of
diseases that limit
airflow to lungs. It is a
long-term disease that gradually worsens over time.


  • in the world
    affected by COPD4.


  • average lifetime earnings
    losses per individual due to
    premature retirement5.


  • leading casue of
    death by 20301.


  • underdiagnosed

Chronic Respiratory Disease is Difficult to Manage


of patients do not consult the GP despite experiencing bronchial symptoms6.


of patients diagnosed with asthma do not adhere to treatment plans7.


of patients above 65 years old unable to perform a valid spirometry test, complicating COPD diagnoses8.

How We Can Help

Our scalable and cost effective patient-centered solutions address
unique needs of stakeholders.


  • Improve treatment adherence by
    visualizing response to treatment plan.
  • Reduce healthcare costs by enabling
    management of disease from home.
  • Personalize experience to optimize
    engagement with healthcare providers.

Pharmaceutical Companies

  • Provide real-world evidence in
    drug development and commercialization.
  • Optimize recruitment and retention for
    trials through remote data collection.
  • Increase value-based payments
    through patient-centred endpoints.

Healthcare Providers

  • Deliver value-based care with improved
    patient-reported outcomes.
  • Increase patient engagement and
    improve communication.
  • Streamline diagnosis and treatment for
    effective and efficient care.


  • Reduce readmissions in hospitals and
    overall healthcare expenditure.
  • Facilitate self-management of chronic
    respiratory disease from home.
  • Drive risk stratification to identify unique
    needs to personalize patient experience.



Press & Media

Aevice Health awarded Seed Grant from HealthTEC Singapore

Singapore, January 14, 2021 – Aevice Health, a Singapore-based MedTech company at the forefront of addressing chronic respiratory disease, today announced that it has been awarded the HealthTEC Seed Grant from HealthTEC Singapore. The grant would see Aevice Health working towards… (Read More)

Aevice Health receives ISO 13485:2016 Certification

Singapore, November 19, 2020 – Aevice Health, a MedTech company developing wearables for chronic respiratory disease patients, announced today that it has been awarded ISO 13485:2016 certification for Medical Device and Quality Management Systems (QMS) from TÜV SÜD… (Read More)

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