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Press Release

Aevice Health Awarded Seed Grant From HealthTEC Singapore

Singapore, January 14, 2021 – AEvice Health, a Singapore-based MedTech company at the forefront of addressing chronic respiratory disease, today announced that it has been awarded the HealthTEC Seed Grant from HealthTEC Singapore. The grant would see AEvice Health working towards collaborating with A*STAR, Singapore’s lead public sector agency spearheading economic oriented research to advance scientific discovery and develop innovative technology, to conduct research and development on a predictive model for asthma attack among children using continuous measures from a wearable device.

Till date, asthma remains one of the most prevalent chronic diseases of childhood, affecting 14% of children worldwide. Many authorities expect the prevalence of asthma in children to increase[1]. The study between AEvice Health and A*STAR, supported by HealthTEC, will utilize novel technology from AEvice Health to acquire and record lung sounds from pediatric asthma patients continuously and detect early signs of asthma attack such as wheeze, cough, and abnormal changes in vital signs. By equipping asthmatic patients with AEvice Health’s non-invasive wearable, clinicians and researchers are able to acquire longitudinal data on patients’ symptoms, aiding the development of predictive analytics for asthma attacks.

“Currently, minimal work is done to better understand the factors leading up to an asthma attack. The grant from HealthTEC, alongside a partnership with leading research institute A*STAR, is instrumental in opening ways to understand how we can use continuous measurement of physiological signals to detect early signs of asthma attack,” Dr Vivian Koh, Research Engineer at AEvice Health said.

“Asthma is a condition that is more prevalent at night. We hope to develop a reliable algorithm to predict asthma attacks so that early intervention can be administered. For parents and caregivers of asthmatic children, this means having a peace of mind knowing that they are able to take steps to prevent potential asthma attacks especially during a critical time when most are asleep,” Dr Koh added.

AEvice Health is among six other companies that are awarded the HealthTEC Seed Grant. The grant provides funding support for HealthTEC academic members to explore new innovative ideas or to translate technologies in collaborative projects with HealthTEC industry members in the areas of sensing technologies and analytics/AI for health and wellness personalized applications. More information about the HealthTEC Seed Grant can be found at

[1] The Global Impact of Respiratory Disease – Second Edition. Forum of International Respiratory Societies, 2017.

About AEvice Health

AEvice Health Pte Ltd is a Singapore-based MedTech spin-off from Nanyang Technological University at the forefront of addressing chronic respiratory disease, one of the generation’s biggest healthcare challenges.

The company’s non-invasive wearable devices enable the early detection of cardiopulmonary abnormalities remotely and in real-time, so that patients can receive fast and targeted care from the ease of their homes. Clinicians can also gain insights into their patients’ health and track their responses to treatment plans easily from the AEvice analytical platform.

In AEvice Health, our mission is to drive medical innovations that transform healthcare, improve outcomes and empower lives.

More information about the company can be found at

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